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About the Brand

 Cara Edden is a recent graduate of BA(Hons) Fashion Design Technology, Womenswear at the London College of Fashion. Originally from the small town of Tamworth in the midlands, the ability to express oneself through clothing has always been key in her style. Cara loves to mix a colourful tongue in cheek style through her designs juxtaposing this with storytelling through her pieces, often looking to mythological inspirations to bring into her own little world. Skills include following the design process from research, design, toiling, pattern cutting into sewing to create final garments, with a strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to help visualise her design process. She has interned for House of Holland and Georgia Hardinge gaining experience in industry, working on presentations and photoshoots, assisting at LFW and LFWF talking to buyers and press, pattern cutting collections, attending fittings, and assisting in creating made to measure garments for celebrities. She also has 6 years of retail experience interacting with customers and working in customer service helping her understand the publics wants and needs in designs at different market levels.